Week 6 artist interview Alanna Marcelleti

Now I just gotta say, this girls art is some of the best art I have seen all semester. Its like the first time I have ever bitten into a bacon, jalapeno, avacado, pineapple, pepper jack cheese, burger filled of juiciness.  It was really cool checking out this piece specifically..


If you look closely, the artist is trying to make a piece that represents the opening of a book. Each side represents a different page and the energy levels given off by the difference of two characters. I went ahead and let her know that It reminds of walking dead, only to recieve back a strange look. Its probably because shes never seen the show. Anyways this next piece reminds me of like that famous japanese wave picture that you see tatooed to someones arm every once in a while.


The way she like to do her work is combine paintings with threads and all sorts of randomness. It turns out nicely though and i think if she wanted she could sell it. She really loves what she does but is going to be taking a break soon because shes having a baby! And she briefly mentioned that the next few years are going to be all about the bab, so unfortunately it might be a while before we see more of her lovely art.



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