Week 15 Artist Interview Sara Walter

This last Thursday was by far the most overwhelming day and containing some of the most mind blowing art out of the whole semester. There were probably like 30 different artist that were involved in displaying their art. Out of all the artist that were there that day, a few really stuck out! That’s when I came into contact with Sara Walter. She was very sweet and open to share the many questions we had bombarded her with. Before I get into more detail regarding the interview, I would like to go over some of her art pieces first. Initially, the piece that struck my eye was the large T-Rex being rode by a cowboy.


Super cool, and the best part was by getting really close to the photo, more and more detail stuck out. When It came to choosing an artist, I was a little bit biased because of my love for dinosaurs. I feel as though it takes a lot of guts to take on drawing a species that inst on earth today and may require a lot of imagination when choosing how to draw the skin. In addition, more that stuck out to me was the large picture of a mouse sitting on a plant. As I stared deep into the eyes of the mouse it provided overwhelming feelings of serenity. I assumed she must have had some pets at home which gave her some inspiration. When I asked her about it, I was happy to hear that she owned too guinea pigs at home. I also have two guinea pigs so for a moment there our conversion led astray to talk about a topic completely unrelated to her art. Eventually after back tracking a bit, I couldn’t help but ask about the piece she has of a desert with like one of the wells fargo chariots running through being led by horses. She said that instead of focusing on characters to create, she chose to do environments. Apparently there is way too much competition among people with art degrees for characters so by focusing on that field she is hoping to land a steady job. The environments were very cool looking because unlike a lot of the other art during the visit, it had been all done on Photoshop. It took her about a year to master it and she learned all about it under a professor at Fullerton city college. Overall It was a great experience meeting Sara and Im excited to see what work she comes up with in the future.

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Week 15 Classmate Interview Joseph Cardoso

As I arrived at class I couldn’t help but notice everyone was already interviewing each other. I am often comfronted with this problem but eventually ran into Joseph! This guy was very inviting and allowed me to have a chance to interview him. Originally he grew up in Long Beach and likes it so much he chose to come here to Long Beach State. When I asked him his major, he was proud to say he was doing it in Human development. I thought that was pretty cool because I had chosen to do Human Development before I officially declared myself as Biology. Me and Joseph have alot in common and i originally chose to do that major for the same reasons as him. For example, it can be pretty fascinating understanding the changes people go through from the beginning stages of life, middle stages, and the ending stages. On Joe’s free time he likes to be involved in the track field, swimming, and working out at the rec center on campus. Last but not least, one of the most fascinating things about Joe is his love for art as a digital art major. Joe randomly stumbled across a program known as procreate, which took him about a year to fully grasps the extents of the program. He also does alot of 3D modeling on a program known as blender.org. Joe mainly took this course because he wanted to be introduced into the many styles of art. He likes the physical aspect of art which allows him to feel what he can make, rather than just see it. Joes awesome! I recommend everyone interview him.20150507_114142

Week 14 artist interview Danquin Shen

As I walked into this gallery I was immediately consumed by the many Televisions on the wall with strange displays and arrangements of patterns and shapes. What made this artist unique is the time one must spend understand the beatiuful arrangements of patters. Directly on the right hand side of the wall is a very long poster of dots of many colors in different shapes and sizes individually belonging to a certain day. In adition the color of the shape was correlated with a different feeling such as anger, fear, depression, and fatigue. I had never seen such art  and I loved that It allowed other people to see into her various moods. For example, on April 1st there are 3 of the largest shapes in grey, which represents fear. Once I had time to speak to the artist, she informed me that the fear she felt was from getting pulled over, which I totally understand. On anther note, the week prior to this exhibit there were large red circles which represent fatigue. The artist later informed me all the lack of sleep was because of the show. 20150430_150757The wall directly in front of the door was also very unique, one can hear random sounds of sand being dropped into a container in a random order of time. As I got closer to it I was able to make out the writing,” The Happy Machine is collecting #Happy hashtags from all over the world via twitter.” So in other words, every single time someone mentioned happy , a small bit of sand would drop with a specific color depending on what day it is. Apparently  the happiest day so far was on a Wednesday , which is kind of weird because I would assume that it would be on a Saturday however, the week started with Sunday and the day I looked at it, it was only Thursdays. The artist has no idea what she is going to do with this so I might come back later and ask her if I can put it in my house.


The wall on the left to my amazement, had various shapes and symbols depicting the certain moods she was going through. In addition she had the shapes even on a physical display which was apparently done by a 3d printer. What I found to be interesting about the displays is that fear was linked to a shape which in some way could be linked to tht emotion. The same also has to with anger. It had more rough edges similar to the way a cell looks as it undergoes self destruction 20150430_150717

Week 14 classmate interview Benjamin Zhou


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Benjamin Zhou. This guy was super cool an approached me for an interview which usually never happens. I don’t know what it is but I am the one that has been asking to interview others all semester, so meeting Ben was very refreshing. We hit it off right off the bat and Ben told me a lot about his life. Hes really smart and pretty much capable of anything, but he loves to hear about the work his dad does and made the decision to follow in his footsteps. That’s awesome, my dad is a family marriage counselor however I don’t know if I have the will power to go down the same path. He majoring in business and finance, I probably should have talked more about that with Ben because I am a hopeless at managing my money I’ve come to find out.  Ben is down to earth and on his free time hes busy schooling people in the basketball courts, he’d probably own be me too because hes got some height on me. Not only that but hes well rounded and has a playstation, Ben and I agreed that video games having been getting really intense lately and is putting drug companies out of business. Most likely I predict its cleaning up the streets faster than any police force. To be specific, league of legends is probably one of the main causes. I personally havent dabbled in the arts of that game however I am also terrified. People have spent over 200 dollars in features of the game, which sounds crazy. When people are found in this situation, Ben and I agreed its probably worth it because of the enjoyment of the in features of the game. Ben is not really into art however he has taken a drawing class which I think is pretty darn cool. IF YOU HAVEN’T MET BEN YOU NEED TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR ASK YOURSELF, “WHAT AM I DOING?!!?”

Week 13 artist interview Shihori Nakayama

As I was walking around the galleries this past thursday, I couldn’t help notice the Dutzi Gallery. I was drawn in by the amount of people swarming the paintings like the Mona Lisa at the Louve. Immediately as I entered the room I was awestruck, the amount of detail put into each painting could only be captured after hours of immersion. What makes this gallery unique in comparison to some of the art in the past is the amount of detail in every single piece. The word detail may become repetitive in this post due to the fact that one can only imagine the amount of time every single line on the canvas took. When I say detail, the artist would draw a cat, for example, and on the cat are thousands of small lines drawn by a pen which create the image of its malnuourishment and wildness. The cat, however, may be considered relatively small compared to the rest of her work. For example, theres probably thousands of lines on the cat, but when it is being compared to the rest of the canvas, it is only what appears to be 5% in surface area. So in other words, 95% of her canvas is done with the same amount of detail as the cat and can make the viewers get lost in her work. To be completely honest, I took more photos of her work than I have of any other artist. I loved that as I brought my camera closer to the potrait, the more detail and parts of her story I could see. This is what I loved most, there was a differrent story depending on the distance the viewer stood away from the portrait.  For example, there was one portrait with a samurai guy on top of a dinner table but as you look up much closer, there is a scared small dog underneath the table. The dog is an awesome part of this picture because only after bringing your face close enough to the canvas does it become noticeable. I feel as though when I look at her work I can see the hours and hours she spent, but, unlike the work I see done by other artist, I can really tell she enjoys every single process. This may sound like a bold statement, I am sure other artist enjoy every moment as well, however, as I spent more and more time looking at her work I would laugh to myself at some the pieces. For example, I loved the image she drew of the two guys sitting at a table with their brains being connected by some cloud. I can imagine the artist must have laughed as she drew that and felt a sense of accomplishment at her ingenuity.

As I interviewed her I learned alot about how she does her work. The pen she uses is exremely expensive, which makes a ton of sense after having looked at her work. A lot of her inspiration comes from being around long beach, our city is way differrent than the many cities she has lived in the past. For example, she loves looking at all the random stray cats running around the city. She is also a big fan of nature and uses the beauty of it in her art. In addition she likes to draw people she knows and also incorporate that as well. It was a pleasure meeting her and I am glad i got some cool new photos to show friends and family.

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Week 13 classmate Interview Matt Cruz

Last Thursday I arrived somewhat late to class and noticed people were pretty much almost done interviewing classmates or already finished, fortunately, Matt Cruz was in a similar situation and we were able to interview each other. For anyone who does not know Matt, its very easy to start up a conversation with him and its pretty easy to spot him out because of his awesome looking glasses. Matt is originally from the city of San Francisco and transferred here from community college. When I asked him why he it he responded, ” So cal has hella good weather and the people seem pretty chill.” I totally agree with him and I am originally from Fresno. Like me, it took Matt a little while to figure out what he wanted to do. His dad is a civil engineer and would always try and convince Matt to do the same, however Matt was not interested. Not until a few years later Matt found out how much he liked math and ended up sticking to civil engineering like his old man. Its interesting how sometimes you can feel like you have the right direction but then life says otherwise. Matt loves his major now and is pretty excited to graduate this spring and see where life takes him. Ideally he doesnt really want to move back to San Francisco, however, worst case scenario if he did at least he would have a free place to stay. Like me this dude has had his fair share of video games and plays a good amount of counterstrike. I have never really messed around with that game but apparently it can get pretty crazy, especially with all the shit talking. I 100% agree with Matt when he describes video games as a drug. Every once in a while Matt likes to take an uber home after a good night at the club or wherever and convinced me to start utilizing it. I think its a great idea, Matt is a super cool guy to talk to and I predict great things in this mans life.

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Week 12: EC feedback!

Most favorite

#1: Week 10, student choice.

I feel as though this was my favorite one because It gave me time to think about what I think would be cool as an art project. This is not something I ever do and cant remember being put in this situation since art class in high school, which I miss.

#2: Week 7 Landscape with a corpse

This was was awesome and I am debating whether or not I actually liked this one more than the number one choice. I cant really describe why I liked it so much but it was just fun.

#3: Week 3 Social photography

This one was really cool just because it forced me out of the house or look at my environment differently. I never had an instagram before and I really enjoyed making one and checking out every ones photos.

Least Favorite

1. Pasture assignment: I personally have had some pretty bad experiences and was always the frusturated kid with a sand castle. Its probably just me and its not something I am good at

2. Remix culture: I found this as somewhat challenging and more tedious than opening me up new avenues. Very frusturating assignment and difficult

3. Algorithm art: this one i liked but didnt like as much as the other assignments. So if I had to give one up, it would be this one. Mainly because it was extremely time consuming.

A. Tuesdays in UT-108: Pretty awesome, I enjoy listening to lectures because its hands on interaction with what is going on in todays society involving art. I also love watching the class videos like “bye bye mis american pie” and the one with the artist who kept ripping her hair out.

B. Activities overall: super cool, I love that this class gets us out of doing ordinary assignments other classes have us doing. For example, doing graffiti in Venice beach was glorious.

C. Artist Conversations: these are alright, to be honest hit or miss. Sometimes the artist can be a little dry or not that interesting. However on other occasions they can be really into it, such as the guy I interviewed from week 12. In the end, I think its well worth it and checking out the art is awesome.

D. Classmate Conversations: I super enjoyed these, its super likely that I wouldn’t have taken the time out of the day to interview any of these folks just because I am so busy. Also its always cool learning about other students in the class. This is the one thing I hope is always part of the class curriculum.

E. Using Your Website: To be honest, I was not excited to do this at first. I don’t really like figuring out things on the computer, however, by far doing things online was the number 1 most convenient thing about this class. To be able to have access to homework where you can instantly turn it in to the teacher was awesome. I wish all my classes did things this way, it would probably make everyone’s lives way easier.