week 6 classmate interview Daniella Hernandez

So this week I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Daniella Hernandez. This girl is super nice and gives off a lot of good vibes, shes a freshman, and majoring in public relations. At first I was trying to figure out why she was interested in that, but I later found out she has a super solid plan. Her goal is to work in the fashion industry, specializing in fashion shows. Now I know stereo-typically that’s more of like a woman’s career,¬†Daniellas making me double think my life. Not to mention, her sister works in the grammys, so I think shes got all the connections to get to where she needs to go. Her favorite foods are actually some of my favorite foods, good old fashion bbq ribs, corn, and baked beans! Thats always an amazing time. Last but not least, the quality of my life has increased since I’ve

the one, the only!

the one, the only!

met Daniella, I feel bad for anyone who hasnt!


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