Week 7: artist interview Brianna Allen

So this was a great experience and its extremely unfortunate that there were only about 5 of us who participated in it. Brianna patiently waited outside the door and we walked in to a room that appeared to look like a torture chamber, at first. It wasn’t until a few minutes later we were informed that if we wanted to participate we would have to sign a waiver. Thats when the thoughts were running through my mind. Was this part of the art or was I getting myself into something serious. As we pulled up mats and blocks we were asked to close our eyes and were led through 11 minutes of yoga and relaxation. It was pretty cool and felt like the fastest 11 minuts of my life. As i opened my eyes the scenery changed and now the metals present made me feel at ease. Brianna has been doing meditation for 10 years and does it approximately an hour a day. She is a metal major and made her room address the metal by using the limited amount of space. 11 minutes is done because it reaches a certain layer in the brain that releases the relaxation. There is a huge difference when this is done 11 minutes vs 60 minutes according to Brianna. 20150305_114124 20150305_114141


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