Week 15 Classmate Interview Joseph Cardoso

As I arrived at class I couldn’t help but notice everyone was already interviewing each other. I am often comfronted with this problem but eventually ran into Joseph! This guy was very inviting and allowed me to have a chance to interview him. Originally he grew up in Long Beach and likes it so much he chose to come here to Long Beach State. When I asked him his major, he was proud to say he was doing it in Human development. I thought that was pretty cool because I had chosen to do Human Development before I officially declared myself as Biology. Me and Joseph have alot in common and i originally chose to do that major for the same reasons as him. For example, it can be pretty fascinating understanding the changes people go through from the beginning stages of life, middle stages, and the ending stages. On Joe’s free time he likes to be involved in the track field, swimming, and working out at the rec center on campus. Last but not least, one of the most fascinating things about Joe is his love for art as a digital art major. Joe randomly stumbled across a program known as procreate, which took him about a year to fully grasps the extents of the program. He also does alot of 3D modeling on a program known as blender.org. Joe mainly took this course because he wanted to be introduced into the many styles of art. He likes the physical aspect of art which allows him to feel what he can make, rather than just see it. Joes awesome! I recommend everyone interview him.20150507_114142


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