Week 15 Artist Interview Sara Walter

This last Thursday was by far the most overwhelming day and containing some of the most mind blowing art out of the whole semester. There were probably like 30 different artist that were involved in displaying their art. Out of all the artist that were there that day, a few really stuck out! That’s when I came into contact with Sara Walter. She was very sweet and open to share the many questions we had bombarded her with. Before I get into more detail regarding the interview, I would like to go over some of her art pieces first. Initially, the piece that struck my eye was the large T-Rex being rode by a cowboy.


Super cool, and the best part was by getting really close to the photo, more and more detail stuck out. When It came to choosing an artist, I was a little bit biased because of my love for dinosaurs. I feel as though it takes a lot of guts to take on drawing a species that inst on earth today and may require a lot of imagination when choosing how to draw the skin. In addition, more that stuck out to me was the large picture of a mouse sitting on a plant. As I stared deep into the eyes of the mouse it provided overwhelming feelings of serenity. I assumed she must have had some pets at home which gave her some inspiration. When I asked her about it, I was happy to hear that she owned too guinea pigs at home. I also have two guinea pigs so for a moment there our conversion led astray to talk about a topic completely unrelated to her art. Eventually after back tracking a bit, I couldn’t help but ask about the piece she has of a desert with like one of the wells fargo chariots running through being led by horses. She said that instead of focusing on characters to create, she chose to do environments. Apparently there is way too much competition among people with art degrees for characters so by focusing on that field she is hoping to land a steady job. The environments were very cool looking because unlike a lot of the other art during the visit, it had been all done on Photoshop. It took her about a year to master it and she learned all about it under a professor at Fullerton city college. Overall It was a great experience meeting Sara and Im excited to see what work she comes up with in the future.

20150507_120202 20150507_120247 20150507_120251


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