Week 14 artist interview Danquin Shen

As I walked into this gallery I was immediately consumed by the many Televisions on the wall with strange displays and arrangements of patterns and shapes. What made this artist unique is the time one must spend understand the beatiuful arrangements of patters. Directly on the right hand side of the wall is a very long poster of dots of many colors in different shapes and sizes individually belonging to a certain day. In adition the color of the shape was correlated with a different feeling such as anger, fear, depression, and fatigue. I had never seen such art  and I loved that It allowed other people to see into her various moods. For example, on April 1st there are 3 of the largest shapes in grey, which represents fear. Once I had time to speak to the artist, she informed me that the fear she felt was from getting pulled over, which I totally understand. On anther note, the week prior to this exhibit there were large red circles which represent fatigue. The artist later informed me all the lack of sleep was because of the show. 20150430_150757The wall directly in front of the door was also very unique, one can hear random sounds of sand being dropped into a container in a random order of time. As I got closer to it I was able to make out the writing,” The Happy Machine is collecting #Happy hashtags from all over the world via twitter.” So in other words, every single time someone mentioned happy , a small bit of sand would drop with a specific color depending on what day it is. Apparently  the happiest day so far was on a Wednesday , which is kind of weird because I would assume that it would be on a Saturday however, the week started with Sunday and the day I looked at it, it was only Thursdays. The artist has no idea what she is going to do with this so I might come back later and ask her if I can put it in my house.


The wall on the left to my amazement, had various shapes and symbols depicting the certain moods she was going through. In addition she had the shapes even on a physical display which was apparently done by a 3d printer. What I found to be interesting about the displays is that fear was linked to a shape which in some way could be linked to tht emotion. The same also has to with anger. It had more rough edges similar to the way a cell looks as it undergoes self destruction 20150430_150717


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