Week 13 classmate Interview Matt Cruz

Last Thursday I arrived somewhat late to class and noticed people were pretty much almost done interviewing classmates or already finished, fortunately, Matt Cruz was in a similar situation and we were able to interview each other. For anyone who does not know Matt, its very easy to start up a conversation with him and its pretty easy to spot him out because of his awesome looking glasses. Matt is originally from the city of San Francisco and transferred here from community college. When I asked him why he it he responded, ” So cal has hella good weather and the people seem pretty chill.” I totally agree with him and I am originally from Fresno. Like me, it took Matt a little while to figure out what he wanted to do. His dad is a civil engineer and would always try and convince Matt to do the same, however Matt was not interested. Not until a few years later Matt found out how much he liked math and ended up sticking to civil engineering like his old man. Its interesting how sometimes you can feel like you have the right direction but then life says otherwise. Matt loves his major now and is pretty excited to graduate this spring and see where life takes him. Ideally he doesnt really want to move back to San Francisco, however, worst case scenario if he did at least he would have a free place to stay. Like me this dude has had his fair share of video games and plays a good amount of counterstrike. I have never really messed around with that game but apparently it can get pretty crazy, especially with all the shit talking. I 100% agree with Matt when he describes video games as a drug. Every once in a while Matt likes to take an uber home after a good night at the club or wherever and convinced me to start utilizing it. I think its a great idea, Matt is a super cool guy to talk to and I predict great things in this mans life.

20150423_121714 (1)


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