Week 13 artist interview Shihori Nakayama

As I was walking around the galleries this past thursday, I couldn’t help notice the Dutzi Gallery. I was drawn in by the amount of people swarming the paintings like the Mona Lisa at the Louve. Immediately as I entered the room I was awestruck, the amount of detail put into each painting could only be captured after hours of immersion. What makes this gallery unique in comparison to some of the art in the past is the amount of detail in every single piece. The word detail may become repetitive in this post due to the fact that one can only imagine the amount of time every single line on the canvas took. When I say detail, the artist would draw a cat, for example, and on the cat are thousands of small lines drawn by a pen which create the image of its malnuourishment and wildness. The cat, however, may be considered relatively small compared to the rest of her work. For example, theres probably thousands of lines on the cat, but when it is being compared to the rest of the canvas, it is only what appears to be 5% in surface area. So in other words, 95% of her canvas is done with the same amount of detail as the cat and can make the viewers get lost in her work. To be completely honest, I took more photos of her work than I have of any other artist. I loved that as I brought my camera closer to the potrait, the more detail and parts of her story I could see. This is what I loved most, there was a differrent story depending on the distance the viewer stood away from the portrait.  For example, there was one portrait with a samurai guy on top of a dinner table but as you look up much closer, there is a scared small dog underneath the table. The dog is an awesome part of this picture because only after bringing your face close enough to the canvas does it become noticeable. I feel as though when I look at her work I can see the hours and hours she spent, but, unlike the work I see done by other artist, I can really tell she enjoys every single process. This may sound like a bold statement, I am sure other artist enjoy every moment as well, however, as I spent more and more time looking at her work I would laugh to myself at some the pieces. For example, I loved the image she drew of the two guys sitting at a table with their brains being connected by some cloud. I can imagine the artist must have laughed as she drew that and felt a sense of accomplishment at her ingenuity.

As I interviewed her I learned alot about how she does her work. The pen she uses is exremely expensive, which makes a ton of sense after having looked at her work. A lot of her inspiration comes from being around long beach, our city is way differrent than the many cities she has lived in the past. For example, she loves looking at all the random stray cats running around the city. She is also a big fan of nature and uses the beauty of it in her art. In addition she likes to draw people she knows and also incorporate that as well. It was a pleasure meeting her and I am glad i got some cool new photos to show friends and family.

20150423_113526 20150423_113548 20150423_113602 20150423_113607


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