Week 12: EC feedback!

Most favorite

#1: Week 10, student choice.

I feel as though this was my favorite one because It gave me time to think about what I think would be cool as an art project. This is not something I ever do and cant remember being put in this situation since art class in high school, which I miss.

#2: Week 7 Landscape with a corpse

This was was awesome and I am debating whether or not I actually liked this one more than the number one choice. I cant really describe why I liked it so much but it was just fun.

#3: Week 3 Social photography

This one was really cool just because it forced me out of the house or look at my environment differently. I never had an instagram before and I really enjoyed making one and checking out every ones photos.

Least Favorite

1. Pasture assignment: I personally have had some pretty bad experiences and was always the frusturated kid with a sand castle. Its probably just me and its not something I am good at

2. Remix culture: I found this as somewhat challenging and more tedious than opening me up new avenues. Very frusturating assignment and difficult

3. Algorithm art: this one i liked but didnt like as much as the other assignments. So if I had to give one up, it would be this one. Mainly because it was extremely time consuming.

A. Tuesdays in UT-108: Pretty awesome, I enjoy listening to lectures because its hands on interaction with what is going on in todays society involving art. I also love watching the class videos like “bye bye mis american pie” and the one with the artist who kept ripping her hair out.

B. Activities overall: super cool, I love that this class gets us out of doing ordinary assignments other classes have us doing. For example, doing graffiti in Venice beach was glorious.

C. Artist Conversations: these are alright, to be honest hit or miss. Sometimes the artist can be a little dry or not that interesting. However on other occasions they can be really into it, such as the guy I interviewed from week 12. In the end, I think its well worth it and checking out the art is awesome.

D. Classmate Conversations: I super enjoyed these, its super likely that I wouldn’t have taken the time out of the day to interview any of these folks just because I am so busy. Also its always cool learning about other students in the class. This is the one thing I hope is always part of the class curriculum.

E. Using Your Website: To be honest, I was not excited to do this at first. I don’t really like figuring out things on the computer, however, by far doing things online was the number 1 most convenient thing about this class. To be able to have access to homework where you can instantly turn it in to the teacher was awesome. I wish all my classes did things this way, it would probably make everyone’s lives way easier.


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