Week 12: classmate interview Mary Quach

So it looked like I was a few minutes late and everyone was just about finished with their interviews except for Mary! I think it was a strange and delusional morning for me because I had previously done an all nighter and probably wasn’t making any sense as I spoke with her. Either was she was really cool and put up with how pissed I was about finding out the score on my last exam.. I learned a lot about Mary, such as she is really into art and drawing. I give her props for that because drawing is super difficult, at least for me it is! Usually she draws people which is even more difficult. Shes not sure where lifes going to take her but she does know that no matter what happens its going to involve her major, psychology and child development. I asked her why and her response is that she just enjoys kids, in fact, when that day many years down the road comes by she plans on having three. As far as her favorite dessert goes, it would probably be something Vietnamese but shes not really sure. Her favorite thing to do in the whole world is sleeping and her second favorte thing to do is go on walks, but not the cliche way like long walks on the beach. She dorms at hillside and loves it but also is ready to go out and experience some indpendence. If she was only given three days to live she would travel and eat like a pig, which I totally agree its a great idea. Some small dreams she has is to travel to China and Hawaii, and if she could be any animal she would choose to be a dog. This makes alot of sense because dogs sleep alot. It was super cool meeting Mary and anyone who doesnt get the chance to meet her is totally missing out.



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