week 11 artist interview Patricia Rangel

So as soon as I walked into this gallery I had the strange sense of Deja Vu. There was many structures with a dirt that looked so familiar to the city I grew up in. It sort of reminded me of my child hood and running through old deserted chicken farms and cow fields. Having come from the central valley, I had to ask if the artist had ever been to my home town. It turns out she was from Dinuba, only 30 minutes away from where I grew up. All the dirt used in her art work had come from that area as well as much of her inspiration. I think its very interesting that her favorite piece is the one composed of the least amount of dirt.20150409_114439 She grew up surrounded by alot of cow dairies, fences, and fields. A side story is that some of the metals and dirt come from a cemetery which reminds her of a loved one she recently lost.  Other than its beauty, I think the coolest part about her art is the fact that after shes done, she can smash it up with a sledge hammer. The dirt is usally extremely packed so smashing it up can be very tedious. She loves to work with metals and participates in the MFA; in addition her dream is to continue her work  and to one day open up her own studio.

20150409_114410 20150409_114426  20150409_114615 20150409_114633


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