week 11 classmate interview Natsuki Fukayama

Today I met someone really cool, way cooler than me. Natsuki is an exchange student from Japan, but! not really…. She was born in Japan but when she turned six months old her family moved here in PV. She spent the first ten years of her life in CA but since she was born in Japan shes not actually a citizen. This is totally unfortunate because she has no idea which country she likes more and its totally a pain to have to apply for citizenship, or so I’ve heard from my old coworkers at El Torito.  Anways, as a child she never really thought she was Japanese, especially because she was kinda darker than most of the kids at her elementary school. When her mom gave her the 1 month warning that she was moving, she was in for a ride. Living in Japan wasn’t all that easy, there was a culture shock and lots of snow. As a matter of fact, Natsuki hates blood because when she was younger she decided to ride her bike in the snow and cracked her jaw. Apparrently, she bled pretty much everywhere and completely ruined her beautiful white sweater. She loves sushi! However, I was amazed when she told me that the sushi here is nothing like it is in japan. This was an utter shock. Her major is film and she has a dream to one day share her love of American films by signing contracts with companies such as Warner in order to have them screened in Japan. She loves Japanese films, but definitely not anime. The difference between films in Japan and the US is that the comedy genre is much less appreciated. If anyone ever wants to hear the amazing stories of Natsuki, you better make it fast because this is her last semester here.



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