week 10 classmate interview


So this here is Alexx Dunk.

Shes a pretty cool girl and is like super smart, like a genius. She’s majoring in biology and studies all the time. On her free time she loves to make art projects and they’re actually really impressive. If she could be any animal, she would be a tiger hands down. Her response time was in the milliseconds, she thinks they’re beautiful and free and loves their color. She also informed me that they can live in the jungle and tundra, and come in many colors. However, if she was a tiger she would be an orange and black one. If she was given a million dollars and didn’t decide to invest in it, she would buy a huge private indoor water park along with a mansion, I would definitely be down to to kick it there. Her favorite things in life are her cat boo, cheese, and apparently some guy named Jacob that shes engaged to. That is one lucky dude. Last but not least if she could be any bug she would be a dragonfly! Alexx is hands down the coolest girl that I have ever met, I guess that makes me one lucky dude.


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