week 10 artist interview Kaclica Chhin

So this is the artist I chose to interview, her work really drew my attention for obvious reasons. I feel as though she has entered an area of art that is outside the norm of spectrum. After having the chance to interview her, the nobility behind her work became more clear. She feels that individuals today are not open to speaking with each other about sex. My interpretation of her work appears to be undoing the veil that our society may appear to be subconsciously blocking. Although her work may seem controversial, I don’t think it is easy to expose ones true feelings towards such a topic.So hats off for Kaclica, in addition,  the artist also made it very clear that by posting her work, others can have an increase in self esteem in regards to their own bodies. In today’s world, everything is always telling everyone they need to look like Angelina Jolie, which is not necessarily a positive thing. Fortunately for people like Kaclica, we can all have a reminder that everyone is beautiful in their own way.



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