week 9 classmate interview Beatriz Adanza


So this week I has another awesome pleasure of meeting Beatriz. She is quite a unique person and comes across as a very optimistic and positive person. I feel like she would be really good working in a profession with kids or doing something that involves helping people. If she could be any animal in the world, she would be a bumble bee, which is pretty funny because her name has the word bee in it “Beeatriz”.This also probably means when itt comes to work, she works her ass off, AND she seems to be like a free spirit. Shes also super athletic and is majoring in kinesiology, so she actually will be a great addition to the world and will most likely be working with Kobe someday. When it comes to food, this girl loves the mac n cheese and spam! I personally have never tried this before, but after meeting Bee, its on my grocery list. She also reccommended if I am ever at the OC fair, i should go ahead and find myself a deep fried oreo. Long story short, if anyone sees her walking around campus, definately start a conversation with her!


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