week 9 artist interview Lesley Nishigawa

So this week I was able to share some words and insight to the masterpiece done by this artist. If the picture does not appear to be very clear, it is a piece of work outlined by many strings attached to nails. First of all, I would like to add, there is a huge difference between seeing the “mona lisa” in real life versus on google images.  In person, this piece of work creates a sense of awe as one gets lost in the intricate patterns and designs of what this artist created. There was no randomness applied to the structure and each string was carefully measured out, it also appears to look like the layout of a city.I was not surprised to find out she has her own fashion line, which is pretty much a no brainer after seeing her work. However, I was slightly disappointed to find out she has never participated in yarn bombing. This was clearly work done by a professional and a masters student. If the artist ever gets a chance to read my post, I would liker her to know that the world would be a better place if she continued to pursue her goal of expanding the capacity of the human mind.

2015-03-22 20.18.21


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