week 9 architecture and urban planning


So here it is, the CSULB library. This building is probably the number 1 building I have spent my time in the years I have gone to this school, which is why its history interest me. This library was necessary to sustain the amount of students which had been steadily increasing since the origin of the schools founding, shortly after world war 2.Its origin began in 1953 and began with approximately 7,000 reading articles. In the beginning, it had a maximum capacity of 300, way less than today. approximately 20 years later, a third story was added to increase the size 74,000 square feet. As one can imagine, this school has a trend of accompanying the ever growing amount of students attending this school. It wasn’t until our library opened in 1972 that the library became the largest building on campus. Some of the services provided are millions of magazines and journals on the online library database, as well as physical copies of books, magazines, articles, etc. What would we do without the library, I have no idea. If anyone is looking for me, you now know where to find me.


My creation is something I am absolutely proud of and hope will one day take effect in the years to come. What I have designed is the CSULB library of the future. By looking at the picture one can see the two large balconies coming out of the front of the building as well as the patio on the roof. At the moment, the roof is completely for the sole purpose of just being a roof, however, by the addition of a patio, we will finally utilize the roof. Overtime, there has been a huge increase in the amount of students attending our school, so in order to accommodate for this increase we need to utilize the empty space. In addition, I think many students would appreciate studying outside and enjoying the cool winter breeze, rather than be limited to the stuffy, and crowded, floors of the library. Last but not least, if everything I drew went to plan, I would like there to be a large tree that comes out of the top of the library that can be seen for miles. Why not have another symbolic building similar to the pyramid? Not only would this synthetic tree be beautiful and create shade, the base of the tree will also be an elevator. If anyone agrees with my post, please  let me know. Thank you.



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