week 8 remix culture

Internet culture is pretty amazing because i feel as though people may be scared to post or try something new, but somewhere out there, There is always going to be approval. I’m not very sure if this picture will go viral, but if it did I would be pretty stoked to be honest. There is allot of empowerment because the internet is similar to a voice that can always be listened to or recognized, especially through social media. I feel that the way things are copyrighted today is pretty solid. The copyright definitely protects thew art work enough to the extent that if anyone were to steal you work, it wouldn’t be hard to get a lawyer and win. Especially if your 100% confident that you work has been taking and used as a means for someone else. The copyright I have chosen was creative comment attribution-noncommercial-sharealike copyright. I chose this copyright because I am totally fine with other people using my picture to build off of it, however I like that people aren’t going to make money off of it, because that’s my money. So here it is, the master piece. This actually took a really long time but I was able to morph a picture of my face behind the face of Biggie Smalls. After attempting to somehow incorporate our faces to show somewhat of a similarity I eventually gave up. However, i didn’t want to give up on the idea that I can now see through his eyes by listening to some of his lyrics. So instead of trying to morph like his eye with one of my eyes or somehow blend the two together, I elevated my face higher than his and by doing so I was able to create the image that makes his eyes look like snail eyes. this is a way.



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