week 7 activity: dead me

Well here it is, the death of the infamous Jacob MacMaster. It took me a really long time to think of the perfect place that would describe one of the ways I would go out. I chose this location because I feel it has an older look. I feel as though brick buildings can be associated with places that can either be isolated where there may be no help.  I imagined that if i were to go out at an early age, i would like it to be sitting down against a flat surface and absorb the last few beauties life still can breath into my dying body. Although people don’t really choose whether or not they are going to die lying down vs sitting down, i think sitting down against something is way cooler because its not as Romeo and Juliet or in other words, dying lying down is way too mainstream. The downside to dying this way unfortunately is that it can be interpreted as someone who had way too much to drink and passed out.

the saddest day since year 1

the saddest day since…


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