Week 7 interview: J Perez

J you’re the homie. this was a super cool experience and felt like I was talking to someone I have known my whole life, like the many people at our school he was born and raised in long beach. Hes a Wilson graduate and his career goal dream would be to work for apple. Hes a computer engineer but he doesn’t have the crazy cool computer that people stereotypically think computer engineers have, he has just a laptop. I asked him what got him into computers and as he took a deep pause, I can see the slight twinkle of joy in his eyes as he thought about his whole life and his love for computers. His response, he just kind of got into it. As an It tech for the school he realized that working with computers is what makes him happy, I am pretty sure every American college student is jealous because more than half of us still have no idea. Also, he had a really sick wedding ring made out wood with a polish so clean it looks like a glass layer. I respect this guy and super glad I got to meet him. 20150305_111447


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