Week 7: Extra credit Follow through

The everyday trash is another mans art

The everyday trash is another mans art

20150303_123025 20150303_123432

This was a very interesting extra credit assignment. This event took place in the UAM located near the horn center and CBA building. The following events that followed included three woman introducing their art thesis.  Looking at the first picture on the left one can see the many plastics and trash blended together with earth’s natural environment. The goal of the 3 women were to remind us that we live in a day of age where we are now aware of our impact on the earth. We were informed that if an alien species were to look at the different layers of earth, humanity’s footprint of existence would be by the presence of plastic. There are huge amounts of plastics in the ocean on a molecular level that are being digested by fish which we in turn also eat. On a positive note, at least we can make beautiful art out it.  The picture of me with a giant receipt is was made in Mexico and hand woven replicating an actual receipt. If one were to look closely, you can even see that the owner of the receipt bought a bag of cheetos. The purpose behind this giant woven reciept is to remind us that small papers such as these can remind us that we live in a consumerism society. No one even goes back through receipts these days and ponders on where each of these items go through to make it into our hands. The three women even argued that if we knew what some of the products have been through for us we would think twice about purchasing it. Sound familiar? This sounds just like that Blood Diamond movie with Leonardo De Caprio. Moving on, the third of the pictures was what stuck out the me alot. There was an artifical bed of metal made sprayed in gold to represent how people from mexico come here to the land of honey only to drive trucks whose purpose is to pick up scrap metal of the sides of streets. 1st generation immigrants come here with the expectation of being wealthy only to be struck with jobs as difficult as these. Interestingly enough, when one gathers like 30,000 pounds of scrap metal and sells it, its only worth about 200 dollers. So one can imagine the hard labor these people go through for such minimal amounts of cash. This art was an everyday reminder to think back on our society and to try and understand that there can be beauty in things that  may appear as negative. One of the pieces I admired, however, was a woman dragging a 6 foot ball of her belongs and finally getting rid of it. What some people argue as morbid (lady with the red glasses) I would have to agree with others, that it seemed as a liberating experience.


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