week 5 kickstater

So for these kick staters I chose to watch a few gaming videos and I would like to compare and contrast two that I thought was interesting. The all time best kick starter is this one below


whereas the next one  seems more down to earth and doesn’t require 30 people and kind of gives hope to me as a one day potential kick starter


The things I really like about the first one is that It is actually a game I would really like to play. Although I usually don’t tell anyone this, I am an ex wow player. So obviously I know a few things about gaming, unfortunately. So just to give a brief description, its a mix between a game of risk while combing that to an MMO. The world changes but the player doesn’t change, not only that but you can make your own castles and home bases, allowing you to claim a territory. The more I watch it the more excited I get. Another thing I like about it is the fact that they go into a lot of detail about what their kick starter is. When comparing that to the first video, they are vastly different.I feel as though the first video is like looking at the cover of a movie and trying to make a decision of whether or not that’s a film you would like to see. The second video is like reading the back of the book and maybe reading some of the first chapter.

The first video is only 2 minutes long and doesn’t really give the view much of an idea as to what they are actually putting their money towards, however, it seems not as difficult of a thing to create and they have already raised 88,000$! This video, “between two cities” is not very efficient in content. They describe the game but I feel as though they missed out on adding the emotional element that would excite someone enough to go out and buy that game.


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