week 6 yarn bombing

20150224_120936 20150224_152820So these are my pictures! The first I took because after looking deep into the fabric design I  couldn’t imagine how many hours it must have take to design such a piece of work. The second picture is my shared piece of work with Alexx Dunk. It may not look like too crazy but it was actually one of the most time consuming yarn projects I have ever done. It actually felt some what like an ancient oriental therapy; and although its like street art, I didn’t feel too worried about the po po coming through and busting my work. I think that if I had to compare this vs graffiti writing, graffiti feels way more bad ass. However, I feel like it may not reach out to the elderly quite like my yarned up tree. I almost want to go back and have a clash of the two worlds and graffiti up my yarned tree, that would definitely cause some confusion.. or maybe a movement? only one way to find out. In the end I think the stereotypes about the two are definitely true, no one seemed too threatened by the yarn and I had a few people walking their dog throw a few glances. I do believe though that it would become a big deal if I was tagging the tree, and would probably end up with me in jail. And no way is my body built for that kind of abuse. I do feel that these arts reach out to two very different subculture within the American culture. I cant think of any of the elder people who appreciate graffiti in comparison to people around my age and I think our culture is probably more accepting of the yarn movement. It may be because its not seen as an act of aggression but rather a way of temporarily prettying things up.


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