week 5 interview hunter dimas

Hunter Dimas


alright so this guy is what I like to describe as a down to earth bro. He’s not sure what his last name originates from and he’s alright with that. Although he’s only a freshman he’s already got it all figured out, for any of you criminals reading this watch out, hunter is going to specialize in forensic science bullet analyst. For those of you who don’t know what that is, as a bullet is found in a car door or a block of wood, hunter will be able to analyze what kind of bullet it is and what kind of gun it came from. He also is born and raised in long beach which is really cool because be was able to let me know all the hot spots to go eat at. Actually, I went that very day to sushi studio and it was amazing! Also suprising he also has a twin brother, I would have has no idea just by looking at him. Anyways this dude was really great to talk to j hope everyone in our class getc a chance to interview him.


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