week 5 artist interview dianna franco

20150219_112720so last Thursday I was lucky enough to have met dianna franco! I loved her work I would like to describe her work as the James franco of acting, which is totally legit. One of my favorite things to learn about artist is what are they trying to get across to the viewer and the one thing I thought was pretty unique was the lack of a title for her work. She described it as a way for the viewer to create their own imagery for her work. As I looked at her pictures j did have some strange title ideas, like the top one I would name “attack of the playdoe” on average it could take her up to 2 weeks per painting averaging about 8 hours a day! Not to mention as she is doing all this she’s working a ton! Some of her inspiration comes from the cosmos and she tries to depict the randomness of the universe through her work. I think it’s pretty cool and I’m so happy to have met dianna franco.


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