Week 4 interview with an artist



Alrighty, where to begin… Just met Daniel Rivera a couple of hours ago and gotta hand it to him, I have never seen an art piece quite like his before.  I asked him what was his inspiration, or in other words, what really compelled him to create such a piece. He answered by explaining that the purpose of this piece was to connect to people in a way that can bring them back to a time or place in which they needed to break out of thier true shell. For example, sometimes when people are put in certain situations, their true selves come out and can overcome anything life throws at them. At least thats what I got out of it. This guy seemed really humble and in order to make a piece as elaborate and demanding as this one, it was up to him and his friends to get to work. At 5pm he will be giving away pieces of his art and I cant wait to be there. 20150212_112435


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