week 3 instagram

IMG_20150205_124529 IMG_20150205_141220 IMG_20150205_222651 IMG_20150205_223106

So these are the four pictures I chose to post up on instagram for the first time ever in my entire life. Okay so right off the bat one of the things I noticed that somewhat connects me to the other users is that everyone seems to take pictures of themselves. Selfies seem like a pretty normal thing on instagram. Another guy even did the exact same thing and take a picture of himself in the gallery with a painting. Another thing i found in common is that other people like to post the really good food they eat, similar to my demolished bowl of pho. So on the top i have a picture of my guinea pig and i noticed that other people seem to enjoy taking pictures of thier pets. So overall as I continue to scroll down the list I am begginning to notice the similar trends of pictures, basically my pictures are extremely typical. I guess I do pretty much or at least post, the exact same thing as many of our classmates…


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