Coversation with artist and student

Screenshot_2015-01-31-21-35-18 Screenshot_2015-01-31-21-34-58 Artist: Well the guy on the left is the artist and does some incredible work! After having like a 30 minute conversation I was able to learn crazy amounts of stuff i had no idea about, for instance, this guy literally uses chemistry to make his pieces. In order to manipulate the glass into certain shapes he has to know the melting points of everything he is using. I asked him if he ever considered making like a giant monster glass piece but he said its way too dangerous, which sounded kinda weird at first, but he later explained that if any of the pieces in the studio broke, it can slice his foot right off. So anyways, i guess what made the whole interview really cool was that this dude is doing what he loves and is like a Columbus of glass making (mainly because he doesnt know anyone or find anyones whose scratched the surface of what he does.)

Class mate: The girl on the rights name is Michelle Howard, I laughed when she took the phone and said only she could take the picture of herself. Her educational goal at the moment is to become a health science teacher for middle school kids and has an addiction to chipotle and cotton candy. shes also on her way to becoming famous by making make up videos on youtube, which ill keep in mind next time i get a huge zit or something.On her free time she likes to camp and enjoy the outdoors, but she hated working at a pharmacy. Also, if there were only 2 days left on the earth, Michelle would try and save all the piggies in the world. Its her dream to own a piggy, in conclusion it was a great interview.


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